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Makua Steel Guitarist Robert Beard

Bob Beard Bob describes his intriduction to music: "Having exceeded a half-century, and looking at 6 decades of life is an eye-opening thing. Who knew it could all go by this quickly?
"Almost 40 years ago I picked up a guitar (still have that original one) and actually learned to play it fairly well, although I actually never really knew what I was playing. You could show me something, I could play it well, but if someone asked me what chord that was, or what key I was in I had no idea at all. I played guitar in the same sense that a parrot 'talks', i.e... Making the sounds with no idea of what I was doing. And I have 7 years of ukulele with almost the same skill level."
In 2012, Bob attended a social event hosted by Ke Kula Mele and had his introduction to the Hawaiian steel guitar. Soon after he began to research the instrument and eventually acquired one. After ten days of struggling with the instrument he figured out that he needed some help and turned to Ke Kula Mele.
Bob was the owner and president of Oahu Dive Center and a certified Master SCUBA Dive Trainer. He currently works at the Pacific Beach Hotel where he is the manager of the Oceanarium. His job consists of managing the water quality, fish, rays and Mermaids at the 280,000 gallon indoor aquarium. In his off-time he surfs, paddles, SUPs, and spends inordinate amounts of time with the steel guitar in an attempt to master the instrument. Bob says, " If I can do that and also have someone say, 'Eh, not too bad!' when I play the steel I think I might be satisfied with life."

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