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2014 Ke Kula Mele Hawaii Artists

Ke Kula Mele Hawaii Na Makua and Next Gen Steel Guitar Students

At Ke Kula Mele Hawaii, apprentices of all ages are learning the art of the Hawaiian steel guitar from one of the instrument's legends, Alan Akaka. Talented in their own accord, these students are closely following in their teacher's footsteps and continuing the legacy of the Hawaiian Steel Guitar for future generations. Students of all ages also receive instruction via Skype technology from locations such as various parts of the United States, Japan, Germany, and Russia.
This year's festival will feature some adult steel guitar students in solo and group performances. Also featured will be some young steel guitar students, often called the Next Gen steel guitarists, in solo and group performances. The keiki students range in age from 10 to 16 years old.

Next Gen Players

Next Gen PlayersShown here are Malie Lyman, Alexis Tolentino, Keen Ching, and Sid Pang, four of the Ke Kula Mele Hawaii Next Gen steel guitarists that range in age from 9 years old through high school. These Hawaiian steel guitarists are called "Next Gen" because they are the next generation of steel guitar players. Next Gen players have appeared individually and as a group at Ke Kula Mele Hawaii presentations and at the Maui and Waikiki Steel Guitar Festivals.

Makua Players

Makua Players
Jimmy Wong, Luana Macariola, Bob Beard, and Robert Antonio are four of the adult Ke Kula Mele Hawaii steel guitarists that will appear at the Waikiki Steel Guitar Festival. Adult students come from a variety of backgounds including professional entertainers, members of the tourism and travel industry, homemakers, government and military, engineers, and retirees. Adult students have appeared individually and as a group at Ke Kula Mele Hawaii presentations and at the Maui Steel Guitar Festival.