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Next Generation Steel Guitarist Malie Lyman

Malie Lyman 11-year old Malie is one of the Ke Kula Mele Next Generation steel guitar players. Multitalented, she can dance hula, sing, and play several other instruments including the 'ukulele. Malie has been playing for only a few months but her interest and enthusiasm has allowed her to develop her playing ability considerably. It's obvious she enjoys entertaining, whether it's doing the hula, singing, or playing a musical instrument. But her musical talent and abilities are no coincidence.
Malie is the daughter of volcalist and musician Pomaika'i Lyman, the granddaughter of vocalist and musician Eric Keawe, and the great granddaughter of Aunty Genoa Keawe. When school and time permit, she appears with the Keawe 'Ohana at their Waikiki Beach Marriot Resort and Spa weekly show and at other Keawe 'Ohana events, dancing, singing and playing her steel guitar.
Malie showed interest for the steel guitar at age eight by getting up on stage during intermission and pretending she was playing uncle Alan Akaka's steel guitar. Her interest persisted, and she was finally able to realize her dream when she start her lessons with uncle Alan.

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